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James Miertschin & Associates, Inc.

Environmental Engineering

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James Miertschin & Associates, Inc. (JMA) has provided outstanding engineering services throughout Central Texas and statewide for the past 25 years.  The firm's qualifications and experience span interdisciplinary areas of environmental and civil engineering.  Our principal services include the following:
  • Water Quality Studies and Modeling
  • Wastewater, Reclaimed Water and Stormwater Permitting
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Design
  • Best Management Practice (BMP) Development
  • Construction Management Services
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Regulatory Agency Liaison

 Water Quality Studies and Modeling

JMA personnel have conducted a wide variety of water quality studies ranging in complexity from simple one-day sampling exercises to sophisticated models of rivers, reservoirs and watersheds.  Water quality studies have included water quality sampling investigations, water quality modeling, toxicity studies, biomonitoring evaluations, hydrodynamic studies, and impact analyses.  Much of JMA's water quality work is related to the development or evaluation of total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) for Texas waterbodies.  Water quality studies are also frequently performed to assess the effects of wastewater discharges and to support permitting activities. Fro these projects, JMA personnel have expertise in GIS and numerous modeling programs for hydrology, hydraulics, and water quality.

Permitting Support

JMA engineers have worked with numerous industrial and municipal clients to develop permits for wastewater and stormwater discharges.  Our expertise in water quality and modeling is our key to success in this type of work.  JMA personnel also realize that technical proficiency is just one aspect of the permitting process.  Our staff also knows how to effectively communicate with state regulators, stakeholders, and local officials.  In addition, we can provide robust and convincing testimony, in the event that a permit is contested.  Having been involved in permitting projects for over 25 years has given JMA the experience and knowledge necessary to provide guidance and assistance in every step of the permitting process.
  Water and Wastewater Treatment Design

JMA offers local expertise and extensive knowledge of the planning and design of water and wastewater systems.  JMA has conducted numerous water and wastewater studies and design projects throughout the Central Texas area.  Water and wastewater projects have included capacity evaluations; collection, pumping, and distribution system design; treatment facility design and rehabilitation; and permit acquisition and support.  The firm's broad base of experience is particularly advantageous for evaluation of treatment alternatives and ramifications of permitting.  JMA engineers recognize the importance of overall facilities cost and are knowledgeable of current construction costs, financing opportunities, and innovative solutions to utility design problems.  The scope of previous projects has ranged from relatively simple capacity evaluations to planning and design of system improvements to meet long-term service needs for our clients.  JMA has designed wastewater treatment systems for a variety of disposal methods

Best Management Practice (BMP) Development

JMA has a long history of evaluating and specifying best management practices for private, industrial, and governmental clients.  Typically, the goal of a BMP development is the prevention and mitigation of nonpoint (runoff-related) source pollution.  JMA staff are experts at selecting the right type of BMP based on the type of pollutant to be removed and the degree of removal required.  JMA has worked with governmental entities to evaluate the effectiveness of various types of BMPs and to develop design guidelines for BMP systems.